This is a Mechanism to Manage a Person’s Affairs. 

If you consider a person close to you has become or is becoming mentally incapacitated there may be grounds for that person to be made a Ward of Court. When a person becomes unable to manage their assets because of mental incapacity, an application can be made to the courts for them to become a Ward of Court. This process is known as Wardship. 

We support many clients through this process, and are here to help any individual experiencing this with a loved one. Applications to bring a person into wardship is usually made by a member of his or her family, but not always. 

A Committee both of the person and of the estate of the Ward is usually appointed. The Committee of the person is similar to a  guardian in that the duties are to look after the physical welfare of the Ward. Persons eligible to be appointed Committee of the person are usually a  relative or close friend of the Ward and their functions are to visit the Ward and to see his/her personal comfort. The Committee must account annually to the Court and they themselves are not generally entitled to any remuneration as of right, but an application can be made to the Registrar which can be considered.

If you are experiencing any such issues with a loved one or close friend, please feel free to discuss the process with us at any stage.


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