Probate is the process of administrating the deceased’s Estate through the Probate Office and carrying out the deceased’s wishes under the Will. 

At such a sensitive time, we at Notley Solicitors will provide professional guidance to all Executors and Personal Representatives in the Administration of Estates.

In order, to deal with a deceased person’s assets, a Grant of Representation is required.

There are a couple of different types of Grant of Representation, but the most common are as follows:

  1. Grant of Probate – this type of Grant is required where a valid Will has been made.
  2. Grant of Administration Intestate – this type of Grant is required where the deceased never made a Will.
  3. Grant of Administration with Will Annexed – this type of Grant is required where the deceased made a Will but where someone other than the Executor applies for the Grant. 

In certain circumstances a Grant of Administration may not be required i.e. where the deceased did not own property and where the value their other assets do not exceed a certain amount.


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