Making a Will

A Will is a legal document that sets out your wishes with regard to your property, assets (cash, personal belongings etc.) after your death.   

It is a personal matter for every individual to decide for themselves to whom they should leave their property and who they appoint as Executor.

It is always advisable to make a Will, once you are over 18 years of age and have assets/property, in order for your property to pass to your loved ones in a straightforward manner and avoiding your property being administered in accordance with the law, which might not necessarily be your wishes.  

We at Notley Solicitors will listen carefully to your wishes and ensure your Will property reflects same and at the same time advise and guide you in relation to good estate planning from the point of view of tax efficiency/thresholds etc.

As your Solicitors we will hold your Will in our safe for safe keeping.

Making a Will provides peace of mind and can always be updated/altered at any time in the future as your situation dictates.

In drafting your Will we will always take into account all of each individual Testators circumstances, including their Capacity to Make a Will, any foreign property and foreign Will, we will advise on the appointment of Executors, potential Trustees & Testamentary Guardians amongst other things. We will advise you fully on the effect of Marriage & Divorce on a Will and can bring any Testator through the provisions that would be most appropriate for them. 

Legal Right Share 

Under the law in Ireland, spouses and civil partners have an automatic right to inherit half of their spouses estate if they die leaving no children and one third of the estate if they die leaving children if a will has been made.


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